mardi, janvier 01, 2008

New Years thought

Result of the last few days (hm... maybe last 15 years rather) - I should never have hope, it's useless and make the life more painful in the result. Hoping for something in 90% (if not more) has only negative result, so... I will try to forget about such a feeling like this one.

dimanche, décembre 02, 2007

Evening cogitations ;)

Hm... Maybe watching a romantic comedy with a happy end wasn't the best idea? I've got a bit of feeling of longing, a bit melancholic... And all my friends out for a party, away from the internet. Yeap, indeed - "saturday night fever" in action ;) Only I'm sitting home and watching stupid movies ;) I think I should go to bed now...

vendredi, juillet 13, 2007

In love with Berlin...

Better late than never, huh? ;) So, first of all - visiting friends in Berlin!

I came to Berlin late evening on 28th of June. After arriving to the flat we spent around 3-4 hours on talking with Sergej and Angelique and then we went to sleep before intensive day (for them ;)) I woke up late, read the sms from Peter - with invitation for a lunch - and start to prepare to move ;) He picked me up on the U-bahn station and we went to the place of Yannick, where Peter is living. Guys prepared a nice lunch, we had very nice time together, a lot of talks, laughing, joking, teasing and so on. I liked it :) After the lunch I went to visit the organizers of the European Youth Week, to clarify some tax issues and also to pick up my DVD with photos. Yes, I've got them :) So, when I'll be able - I'll publish some of them and share with others ;) After the visit in MC I went to the Turkish Market - to buy great nuts and fruits. And back to Frankfurter Allee to pack in a small backpack, meet Sigi, Angelique and Oleg and start our travel to Forst (hometown of guys). First we had a dinner in their house, with their mother and her boyfriend (from Poland ;)). It was a cool time, very warm and nice, German-English-Polish-Russian mixture ;) After the dinner we went for a concerts and party to Park 7 - umbrella organization for young people, which is in danger of closing, because of debts. That's why they organized this event - to pay back at least part of money to the local authorities and sustain the negotiations. It was interesting night - I've met a lot of new people, jump a little, listen to very diverse music - punk, hardcore and hip-hop (Angelique was also performing!). We're back at 5 AM!
Next day I had a breakfast with Oleg and Ryszard, Sergej with Angelique went to visit her parents and Natasza had some celebrations in her kindergarden. After that I had longer and interesting conversation with Ryszard, he is a very open man, artist - sculptor, it was nice time. Then I went to have a nap again ;) And at the late afternoon we moved again to Berlin. On the way - for about 1 h - we're going together with around 20 football fans, totally drunk, walking around with the megaphone, music and shouting (even "Sieg Hail"!), "lovely" companions in the train :/ In Berlin we went to eat some small nice Arabic food and at home we watched (with Sergej) a movie - "Bowling for Columbine" (interesting to see). Then we had a meeting with Karolina and Fidi - our friend couple. We visited 2 pubs and had a nice small dinner together. At 3 AM they went to sleep and we went to visit Angelique in her work - Cassiopea. It's cool place, with 2 big rooms with different music, summer garden, snacks place, climbing wall, skate hall. After that we had a nice, long walk back home.
And again long sleeping ;) Then a very slow breakfast, TV, talks, mails and - shame - it was already time for a dinner ;) We had again the meeting with Karolina and Fidi and also with Oleg - to have the dinner together. They live in ex-sqaut house, which is now their own property (which the people living there will pay back in 40 years ;)) Each of them has a room, they use kitchen and bathroom together - all people who live in the same staircase. And they share backyard as a social place :) And there is also kind of social project - cafe, restaurant, performance place called "Zielona Góra" (next influence of Poland :)), where each Sunday you may eat very cheap and good dinner - vegan food (2 Euro with a dessert!). After the dinner they went to a concert, Sergej with Oleg to the flat and I went first meet Jakob on the station and then together to the Roma Theater, where we've met Jona, Sylwia, Wojtek and Roxana. We came back to the flat with the last U-bahn and then we opened Żubrówka ;) So, finally Jakob and Oleg went to their own flat at 4, with first U-bahn and then I went to sleep ;)
The last morning was just sleeping, packing and moving to the East Station. There I've met Sylwia and Jona - on Sunday she told me that she is going back with the same EC train as I do. So, we had a nice time until Poznań. Then I changed the train for the regional one, so slow one :/ But it was not so bad.

I don't have any photos (just very shaky from the concert), but it doesn't matter. It was a cool time, which also influence strongly my decission about trying of the life in Berlin for some time...

mardi, juin 26, 2007

Last week

I don't know, but lately I do not have any will to write any posts again. Even on my Polish blog. In general I'm terribly lazy - just sleeping, reading and absolutely nothing more. And unfortunatelly I have some things to do - application form, changes in another one, report from one project and session outlines for two other. And not much time for that - until Thursday midday. I just need to force myself and I'll manage. At least I hope ;)

Between Thursday and Sunday I was in Warsaw. We had a preparatory meeting for a Regional Training Course on Multipliers on Human Rights Education. There were: Karolina (president of the PYC), Monika (local organizer), Darek, Silvia, Marius and me (trainers). The meeting was very interesting and effective - we've finished even a bit earlier than we thought. Everything is plan (of course draft versions), deadlines are set, so now it is time for work.

And the free time together with them was also very nice :) On Friday we were in "Komisariat" (police station) for a beer and mojito. And on Saturday, we had long walk in the Old Town, then dinner and beer. And before that we're watching "Music & lyrics" on the computer and after that singing the songs from the movie together ;) Cool team building ;) And half of Sunday we had free - Monika, Silvia and Darek needed to go, but Karo, me and Marius were enjoying the free time together. First we're watching the fashion shows during the 3rd Warsaw Fashion Street (what was interesting mostly for Marius ;)), then we had slow, nice lunch, walk around and wondering around the biggest shopping mall in Poland. Then Marius went to catch his bus, Karo back to the office and I took my suitcase from the hotel and catch my train back home.

Today I've got finally 2 pics from Peter from the EYW, 1 pic from Marius and some others, so I can finally show you some pics. If organizers will burn me DVD with all the photos from them in this week, then in the future you may see some more. So...
Workoholics - trainers during the European Youth Week 2007. From the right side: Danijela, Marius, Ena, Peter and Marc.
Leading ice-breakers for 150 people... Strange feeling!
During the official openning session
With Marius - during the bus city tour (as you may see - in the open bus ;)) A lot of fun, laughing, joking, crazyness, a bit of danger (cut most of the trees in BXL ;))

Award ceremony (for the best youth projects), Eurovision style ;) With Peter.

Crazyness caused thanks to the presenters - minute later we changed our places, went to the last row, where we could comment and laugh more freely ;) We're very bad raised ;)

That would be all for now. If there will be more nice pics - I may come back to this event.
On Thursday I'll go to Berlin. I'm very happy about it :) I'll stay in the flat of Sergej and Angelique, I'll spend whole my time with them, also with Jakob, probably with Sylwia and Jona, Peter and his love, and maybe some other friends :) It will be great just to relax, enjoy time with friends, party, have fun and so on. I would just love to have also good weather, but this seems not so possible :( Let's see!

dimanche, juin 10, 2007

C'est incroyable

It's such a strange feeling to be at home after more than 2 months of travelling... I was home inbetween long enough just to unpack, wash my clothes and pack, all the time busy with so many different things. And now I just have 1 report to write, some other things to do and that's all. Incredible! I would like to use this time maybe also for creating the project ideas for future applications, refreshing my languages and developing the professional knowledge. Let's hope I'll manage.

I came home 3 days ago - before that I was in Brussels, co-leading video workshop during the European Youth Week. I was working with Christophe and Steven - two lovely, charming, inteligent and professional guys from Belgium and Wales. It was very nice work and also cool free time together. Besides our workshop, there were 2 other 'creative' workshops - music and photo. The music workshop was leaded by my favourite Turkish-Iranian: Behrooz and very cool Greek: Sakis :)
There were also 7 'debating' workshps leaded by trainers from the Pool of Trainers of the European Youth Forum.
It was a bit difficult (especially at the beginning) to create one team between those two types of trainers, but later it was better and better. I would not say that it was done in 100%, but still - better than I expected after the preparatory meeting. But I still hope that organizers will a bit rethink the concept for the next EYW. Even, if I don't have any guarantee that I would work for the next one as well.

The work was a bit confusing sometimes, often very hard and long, but still - it was very interesting and I'm not sorry that I agreed to work there. We had very interesting group of participants, spent also cool time together during the breaks and the free time.

I've met many cool, very interesting people during this time. On both levels - between participants and between trainers. I've also met people whom I know before, so it was also cool :) I enjoyed my free time very much! I've met again, e.g. Annamari, Asia, Bettina, Bjorn, Marius, Homa... And I've met many new cool people, e.g. Ioana, Bogdy, Danjela, Peter, Nina, Naomi, Renata, Vesna, David, Luis... Many, many great people! I hope that at least with some of them I'll meet again and again :)

About the EYW - we've started with informal opening, introduction to workshops and bus tour around Brussels (what a lovely time!). Next day we had the official openning, workshops time and a disco (hm... very short for 'the creative team', but still great :)). On Tuesday we're finishing the workshop results and at the evening there was a European Celebration - ceremony of giving awards to projects (Eurovision show II ;) But it was great, time with friends...). During the last day we had first presentation of the results, then time for questions and proposals and after the lunch the final conclusions were ready for the round table with officials from the EU-institutions. After that - for those, who were staying in BXL - evaluation meeting. And at the evening totally non-formal meeting of the trainers and their friends :) Very nice time - laughing, drinking, joking, teasing, talking, eating, being together...

And now, after this beautiful time, it's even harder to get use to being in my village again. I will stay at home until 21st of June, then we have the preparatory meeting for a regional training course for multipliers on human rights education. I will meet there Marius, Darek and other friends, as well as a new (for me) members of the team - Sylvia and Monika. Let's see how it will be work with Darek and Marius, whom I knew from some time, but never worked together.

Missing my friends...

PS. More about the European Youth Week - HERE. Some photos as well, but only for my friends, whom are registered in the Facebook :)

mercredi, mai 02, 2007

Luxemburg first time

On the special request...

On 25th of April I started my travel to Luxemburg, first time in my life. I was flying via Paris (so I needed to fly back ;)), where I've met Żaneta, my trainer-collegue, which I haven't saw for about 1 year. We were travelling together to Luxemburg. I need to admitt it was the shortest flight in my history - 35-40 minutes. Start, 5 minutes, landing ;) In Luxemburg it appeared that we were 5 from this flight and we needed to wait 30 minutes for the bus to Remerschen. In the hostel I get to know that Mara (my Hungarian friend) managed with the reception to put us both in the same room :) Besides her I had 2 other roommates: one more girl from Hungary and one girl from Russia (whom I've met during the NCCs meeting in Warsaw in March). We all were tired (it's not so fast and easy for most of the people to travel to this country), so we went to sleep around midnight.

At the morning I woke up quite fresh - after about 7 hours of sleeping ;) We went by bus to the castle in Schengen, where we had the symposium. All the symposium was like: presentations, lectures, speaches, workshops, like a circle.

At the first evening they took us to the one of the biggest wineyards in Luxemburg. It was huge and quite interesting. And of course at the end we had opportunity to try one of those wines. I bought one (other than we tried) - Pinot Gris. And it appeared later to be a good idea, it's very good (and it costs some money, more than 8 Euro ;))

Second evening they took us for the 3 hours boat trip on Mossel. They welcomed us with the champaign, we crossed twice the water gate, wonderful views, cool people, it was great :) I had a nice dinner with a few companions: Kasia (Poland), Marie-Luise (Sweden), Krisztina (Hungary) and Marek (Czech Republic). It was very interesting and funny dinner. Unfortunatelly photos later, when I'll get them from girls.

On the last day Symposium was only until the lunch. Then we went by bus to the city of Luxemburg. Organizers wants to show us first the place of the evening meeting and place of the dinner. But when we saw the meeting place, then we decided to 'escape' (me and Marek) to the city already. We started our sightseeing, which took a few hours, it was soooo nice, we're walking around, visiting bookshops ;) having together a candy-floss, coffee, meal and so on (in general he was suppose to borrow me some money to cover my expences during this day - I left my wallet on the bad in the room - but at the evening I've heard from him it was a present! Crazy guy :)))Then we joined the group for a dinner, which was very nice and tasty. And then again we went alone for a music festival in the city. But it was so crawded that we resigned after 10 minutes - it was almost not possible to move. On the way back we've met one of the trainers - Kees, with whom we're trying to have beer. In 3 pubs they said that they are closing (before 11 PM! on Saturday! in the capital!), so we finally eneded in the hotel bar near our place of meeting. What interesting cathedral was open at 11 PM ;) After coming back to the hostel representatives of the group went to the gas station to buy alcohol for the last party. And I was doing the massage of the head and face for Marek - as I promissed during the day. After that I decided to stay and accompany my Russian roommate until 4 AM - she was having a bus to the airport at 4:30. We're talking, laughing, having hot chocolate. And after she went to take a shower I decided to go to sleep.

At the morning (as most of the group) I decided to take a bus at 8 AM. On the way to the airport we're discussing with Marek and other people who were sitting around us. After the check-in we're having a breakfast in strong group of 8 people :) Then we went to our gates. I was lucky - I found other 3 people from our group waiting for the plane to Paris, so at least this part of the travel went quickly on talking. When I came to Warsaw, then I realised that my suitcase didn't :/ I reported this on the airport and went home by train. I was home around 10 PM. And my suitcase arrived next day during the afternoon.

That's all about this visit in Luxemburg. Photos later, when I'll get them.

Tomorrow I'll go to Turkey for a TC, then to Budapest for a fun-weekend with friends and then to Luxemburg again, this time for a TC. I'll be at home on 22nd of May, at the evening. See you!

mercredi, avril 25, 2007


Due to different reasons this blog is suspended. Maybe I'll change my mind, but I don't have a clue when, so I can't promise anything now or give any deadlines for that. It's just my personal decission, based on a few facts.